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Annual of the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens (Epetiris tou Kentrou Erevnis tis Ellinikis Laografias tis Akadimias Athinon), vol. 35-36 (2014-2019), Athens 2021, pp. 966, ISSN 1011-7946.

The Annual of the HFRC (establ. 1939) publishes studies of the Centre’s researchers and research associates (in Greek, with summaries in English), presenting its scientific activities. This double volume contains 25 papers, half of which are dedicated to a reflective and critical analysis of archival practices for ethnographic and folklore material of various types, coupled with propositions for the future, especially in the context of the digital era, based on the Archive and Collections of the HFRC. The second half includes studies on topics such as rituals and folk music, popular narratives, kinship relations and household structure, pastoralism, banditism and history of Greek folkloristics, based on long term fieldwork and/or archival/bibliographic research.

The volume includes a list of ethnographic material/collections (texts, manuscripts, photos, videos, sound recordings) registered in the Archive during the years 2014-2019 (99 entries, accompanied by a thematic description of each one), deriving from researchers’ fieldwork, but also from contributions of students, school projects, amateur collectors, associations etc. In addition, it contains annual reports on HFRC activities (research projects, publications, congresses, etc.), a list of annual fieldwork missions and rich photographic documentation in color.


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